Free Ed!

Ed Kramer has been held for seven years without a trial or evidence against him by Gwinnett County. Ed is not guilty, so the D.A. refuses to bring Ed to trial. The obvious thing to do is to drop the charges, but after investing so much publicity in the case, the D.A. would be "embarrassed" if he did what is right and let an innocent man go free. Why not just let Ed go on bond? Release him, let Ed be a part of the community again.

If prosecutors ever do want to have a trial for Ed he is more than willing to stand trial to face charges he is innocent of. Just let him be free on bond like anyone else until then.

The Gwinnett County District Attorney, Danny Porter, makes a claim that he is protecting the public by denying freedom to the innocent Ed Kramer. Instead we, the friends of Ed stand as silent victims to the out of control prosecutorial conduct of Gwinnett County and Danny Porter.

Look over representative comments below from experts in the legal field, notable Science Fiction writers, and general fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing.

There is an overwhelming sense of injustice that pervades all of what has happened to Edward Kramer. -- Bob Barr, U.S. Congressman

It may not be right, but it is how we do things here in Gwinnett County -- Judge Debra Turner, Trial Judge in the Ed Kramer criminal case

Former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr answers questions about the Ed Kramer Case

Comments From Attorneys, Writers, and Fans

Comments from Attorneys

Bob Barr

It's not only a gross violation of speedy trial laws and provisions in the Constitution, but I believe is also violation of the bill of rights provision against cruel and unusual punishment.
-- Bob Barr, Former U.S. House of Representatives

Isaac M. Jaroslawicz

It appears that the medical and security staff at the Gwinnett County Detention Center violated every moral, ethical and professional standard that could apply.
-- Attorney Isaac M. Jaroslawicz, former Director of Legal Affairs of the Aleph Institute
The Aleph Institute is a national non-profit organization which provides assistance to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Comments From Writers and Content Producers

Robert J. Sawyer

Ed Kramer is one of the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful people I know -- and one of the greatest editors ever in the horror-fiction field. I'm absolutely personally convinced of his innocence, and have invited him to come stay at my home for a visit as soon as this ordeal is over.

I keep harking back to the old Vicki Lawrence song "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." To think that in the 21st century lyrics such as this would still ring true about justice in that state: Don't trust your soul to no backwoods Southern lawyer / 'Cause the judge in the town's got bloodstains on his hands.

The district attorneys and judges involved should be ashamed of themselves; what they've done to Ed Kramer is on a par with what Mike Nifong did to those lacrosse players in Durham, and they should pay the same penalty. Even if one -- mistakenly -- believes that Ed might be guilty of something, that he's being denied the chance to prove his innocence is reprehensible.
-- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning science-fiction writer

Jerry Ahern

My wife and kids and I have known Ed for decades. We attended DragonCon in those days when Ed still ran it and knew Ed socially and business-wise beyond the scope of DragonCon. Ed is a fine man. Without beating around the bush, Sharon and I would have trusted our kids around Ed any day of the week. We have five grandchildren and I'd not hesitate a moment to ask Ed to babysit. Ed has gotten a raw deal, his freedom stolen from him without benefit of due process. Terrorists get better treatment than Ed.
Free Ed!
-- Jerry Ahern, author of The Survialist series

Brian Rothery

Ed Kramer's case has not gone unnoticed outside of America. Unfortunately many of us see it as one more example (even if one of the worst) of due process being suspended and America having become a prosecutorial police state. Sad for those of us who have long admired a great country.
-- Brian Rothery, Ireland, Author,

Harlan Ellison

It's primordial. Gwinnett County behaves as if it's the 14th century, and it's the Spanish inquisition. They're treating Ed Kramer as if he's the Marquis De Sade for Chrissakes.
-- Harlan Ellison, a renowned novelist and close friend of Ed Kramer

Andrew Wheeler

I'm sure there's another side to the [Ed Kramer] story... but, even so, seven years is a long time to wait for a trial.
-- Andrew Wheeler

J. Neil Schulman

Ed Kramer is a major contributor to the science-fiction and fantasy field as a publisher, editor, writer, filmmaker, and convention organizer. Even under circumstances that would crush other men, he has been an avatar of courage, graciousness, and simple humanity.
-- J. Neil Schulman, science-fiction novelist, journalist, Twilight Zone screenwriter, writer/director, Lady Magdalene's

Bill Fawcett

He has endured under an injustice and prejudice long after a lesser man would have given up. Instead of anger for persecution Ed found faith.
-- Bill Fawcett, author, editor, game designer

Anne McCaffrey

My response is violent, as I have often been a guest and GoH at Dragon*Con. I have written such people as I know who might spread the word and try to get Ed his trial. Four effing years? And this is before the current Bush administration. Something must be done for him.

I naively thought that such epithets as "Jewish Christ- killer" (especially as it was the Romans who passed the sentence) had gone the way of "nigger" but, obviously I'm wrong. I never had much use for the State of Georgia anyhow but there are limits past which any right-thinking person must take action. As a euro-citizen, I would be happy to take it to the Hague. (I'll find out how.)

But thank you for laying out the sordid facts and reminding us all that some basic human rights can be at risk. Like a proper trial and appropriate religious services
-- Anne McCaffrey, Pern series author

Darrell Schweitzer

The material about Ed Kramer makes it abundantly clear what we who grew up in the `60s learned in the days of the Freedom Riders. The human-rights record of the South lags somewhat behind that of the United States. You can be certain that you wouldn't have deputies raving about "Christ-killers" in, say, New York.

What can we do to help our friend Ed Kramer? If money is needed, we should organize a benefit campaign. It is probably time to go to the media. It should be played up as flagrant anti- Semitism, which it clearly is. Ed needs to sue and seek criminal prosecutions of his torturers. And, quite frankly, of his accusers. As far as I can tell, he has suffered this ordeal merely because of a malicious lie. This sort of thing has happened before, not necessarily in the South. In Salem, Massachusetts, for example.

Certainly, SFWA, if it is good for anything, should not leave Ed Kramer to rot. In the past it has been hard to get information, and there's always been this sense of "we shouldn't discuss the case before the trial."

Well, now it is clearly beyond all that. We know what is happening. No excuses.
-- Darrell Schweitzer, World Fantasy Award winner and nominee, author, poet, essayist, publisher and co-editor of the legendary Weird Tales.

Comments from Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Eric Watts

I have known Ed Kramer personally for 17 years and each of us has broken bread in the other's home. He is a good and decent and talented man who is no more of a "threat" to society than I am. But this case is no longer about Ed's guilt or innocence. It's about rampant antisemitic corruption in the Gwinnett County "judicial" system, including the offices of Sheriff Butch Conway, District Attorney Danny Porter and Superior Court Judge Debra K. Turner. There is more and better evidence of the vicious, unprovoked, life-threatening attack on Ed Kramer by Gwinnett County Detention Center employees than there is for the charges against him. That Ed has been denied both bond and his constitutionally guaranteed day in court for more than seven years is a far more heinous crime than anything he has been accused of. Gwinnett County citizens have more to fear from their own local government than they do from any Muslim terrorist.
-- Eric Watts

Pus Kunk

I cannot believe this case is still going on. It's a miscarriage of justice, it's been going on 7 years now!! I remember reading about it on the newsgroups!
-- A user named puskunk

Robert Costner

If asked if Ed Kramer was a friend of mine I would say no, Ed is a very good friend of mine. I've known Ed most of his adult life. The charges against him are preposterous. Not only does Ed suffer, but we as friends of Ed suffer. By refusing to end this case Gwinnett County harms large numbers of innnocent people.
-- Robert Costner


When someone with the establishment background of Bob Barr says the government is out of control [in the Ed Kramer case], it's time to pay attention!
-- permakent, an internet user


So, how long has Ed been in jail without a trial? Seems to me if Gwinnett county thought that they had enough evidence for a conviction then it would have happened by now.
-- Techmeltz

James W. Anderson III

Not ONCE in the entire time I have known Ed have I ever had the slightest indication or twinge of a hint that he was inclined towards such activities [sexual predator]. Also not once in that time, 18 years, have I ever seen him behave in any way that hinted at the least bit of inappropriate tendencies.
-- James W. Anderson III

Comments from Others

George Burgamy

While my father was in prison on drug charges, Ed was somewhat of a surrogate father to me.

Ed immediately took interest in my plight, recognizing my abilities and the opportunities this world potentially held in store for me. He would come and pick me up when I was fighting with my mother and take me to see movies, so tired from his busy schedule that he often slept through them. We went on many trips, caving, to conventions and shows. He counseled me through my first experiences with drugs, purchasing my first car, my first run ins with the law, and even deciding on a college. My father wasn't around to do these things with me, and Ed did not hesitate to pick up the slack. He literally put shoes on my feet when I had none. He spent countless hours with me throughout highschool, encouraging me and helping me to recognize my talents.

Despite an extremely tumultuous childhood, I stand today a healthy, independent young man with incredible ambition and drive. I owe a great deal of that to my longtime friend and mentor, Ed Kramer. Never, in my many years knowing Ed, has he behaved in an inappropriate manner towards me or any of my friends. Never, in all of the nights I spent at his place, his conventions, on trips . never was there even the hint of anything sexual. Never.
-- George Burgamy, an Emory alumnus now in his 20s

Rebecca Bidwell

Ed has long been a champion for youth at risk. He is still that champion though through this process, our system has effectively censured any future work this man might be able to do directly. Simply put, I believe the action against Ed is stupid, cruel, callous, a waste of tax dollars and a real crime against humanity.
-- Rebecaa Bidwell, Ed Kramer Legal Defense Fund Administrator

Name Withheld

Ed saved my life. Of course I support him.
-- Name Withheld, a once teenaged boy who lived in a troubled home.


I have known Ed for some time. It is an utter travesty that this kind of thing is allowed to happen in this day and age. His conviction -- without a trial and incarceration -- goes against everything that those in the past 200+ years have fought and died for. What kind of a nation of freedom seeking people would let such a thing happen let alone have it continue without so much as a word of protest? To think George is alive and well in these here United States of America, home of the brave and land of the free... BULLSHIT.

Every one that feels the same should flood the system with every means possible to let the powers that be know that this will not be tolerated any longer. Ed is a friend of mine that I am proud to say and I do believe in him. I have repeatedly told him that things will work out in the long run but when is it all going to finally do so. Ed, you hang in there and keep up keeping on. Dig in and don't give up. A caver knows what that means and Ed is a caver as well as other things. Hang in there, Ed.
-- John, friend of Ed and fellow caver

Linda Bruce

Ed Kramer is one of the most decent, caring and patient people my 3 sons and I have ever known. We have known this for over 20 years. Give me the day and time and I and my 3 sons will be sitting out in front of the Gwinnett County Justice Center protesting, and all you people who owe so much to Ed should be there also!!!
-- Linda Bruce, friend of Ed Kramer and Mother of three.

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