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Lightspeed Consumer Panel

Got Opinions? Take an online survey today for a chance to win $5,000. Join Now!

The Lightspeed Consumer Panel is a market research web site made up of hundreds of thousands of U.S. and Canadian residents who earn Lightspeed Points, which they can redeem for cash and prizes, and entries into the quarterly $5,000 Lightspeed Sweepstakes just for giving their opinions in online surveys.

When you register, you will be joining hundreds of thousands of people across the United States and Canada, who are collectively known as the "Lightspeed Consumer Panel." As a panelist, you will be invited by email to participate in online surveys.

Companies frequently use market research to make decisions on product-development and marketing. By participating in surveys, you will have a major influence over the products you see on store shelves, services offered to you, and advertisements you see on television or in print.

What Are The Surveys About?

From cars to baby clothing, cereal to cell phones, motor oil to television shows, and magazine ads to skin care, our surveys for clients cover a wide range of topics. There are also a few Lightspeed surveys that we use to find participants for certain categories of surveys - such as health care and financial services.

What Do I Get For Participating?

When you take a client survey, you will earn Lightspeed Points, which can be redeemed for cash, gift certificates, and prizes. Every day a panelist will be chosen to win extra points in our 5,000 Points-A-Day Giveaway. Plus, four times a year we choose an active panelist to win the Lightspeed Sweepstakes - the prize is $5,000.

Quick What and Mini Who?

In addition to surveys, you will be invited to Quick Matches and mini-polls. Quick Matches are only a few questions long and help us match you with specific upcoming surveys. Mini-polls are only one question long and are usually just for fun.

How Can I Take Additional Surveys?

If you participate in the Background Survey, Health Care Survey, or the Financial Survey, you have a better chance to be invited to specialized surveys relevant to you.

Take online surveys, earn points, and redeem your points for cash and prizes. Sign up today and be entered into the $5,000 Sweepstakes.

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