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Tel 3 Unified Long Distance- 50 Free Minutes

Save 90% on long distance from any phone PREPAID PHONE PINS - CLICK HERE

Tel3 is a revolutionary new service that allows users to unify all their long distance needs in one easy to manage account. Our domestic (2.9c/min) and international rates are the most competitive in the US. There are 120 Million cell phone users out there with no cost effective way of calling internationally. We are giving away 50 FREE domestic Minutes and 30 FREE international minutes to everyone who subscribes to our FREE trial service.

Save on long distance from any home or cell phone without switching carriers or entering PINS! Tel3 has the lowest domestic (2.9c/min) and International rates anywhere. Receive free 50 domestic and 30 International trial mins with no obligation or sign up and receive upto 200 free mins. Tel3 is more convenient than a phone card or calling card as it recognizes the numbers you are calling from and completes the call. There is no need to switch carriers or enter PINS when calling from your home or cell phone.

Tel3 is a caller-id recognition long distance program that lets users register all their home and cell phones to one long distance account. Once registered users can save on long distance calling from any phone without using a PIN or switching carriers. Users dial the toll free access number and the Tel3 system recognizes their balance. Tel3 domestic rates are as low as 2.9c per min and they have the best international rates in the industry. Users can also use the service from unregistered numbers (hotel/payphones) by using their phone numbers as an account number if prompted to do so. Tel3's usability, low rates and unbeatable promotions are resulting in satisfied consumers.


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